Our process

Newboard's Executive Search process is divided in three clear stages:

  1. Strategy development
    Each assignment starts with clarifying the parameters of the position, the business culture and any other circumstances that may affect the search are discussed. A proposal is then submitted, based on the situation, where the search strategy, the company, the position specifications, responsibilities, goals and key competencies are profiled. These are the basics for assessing potential candidates throughout the search process.

  2. Search and identification
    Newboard Executive Search then actively accesses the market to find qualified and interested individuals. Before presenting any candidate to the client, extensive in-person competency based interview are conducted where each candidate is assessed and validated against the position specifications. A confidential candidate assessment report will then be presented to the client for review.

  3. Selection
    In the final phases of the process, the client is consulted to review the candidates and to support the selection process. Unsuccessful candidates are of course promptly and courteously informed. After a position is filled, a client satisfaction survey is cunducted to further improve the quality of service.