Technology leadership is as much about understanding markets and customers as it is about technology itself. As much about managing the innovation and delivering to budget as about influencing strategies. Whether the focus is on developing new products and services, on supporting operations or on pure innovation.

Technology leadership plays a key role in strategic planning as well as in the creation of value, even more so now most organisations are developing with the end user in mind.

Newboard Recruitment Services has many years of experience in finding the right technology leadership in for instance telecommunications & ICT, medical technology and consumer goods.

These are a few examples of successful placements in the Technology area (in alphabetical order)

  • Architect R&D Mechanical / Design
  • Director IT Governance
  • Head of Network Solutions
  • Manager Access Networks Architecture
  • Manager Network Planning
  • Operations Architect
  • Program Managers
  • Senior Manager Image Quality
  • Several (architecture) specialists in Software Development