Companies want to make sure that they can profitably anticipate on and satisfy the needs of their current and future customers. Based on up-to-date market information and analysis, commercial leadership creates and executes plans to improve the company’s competitive position and market share.

Building the brand and consistent communications, business development, sales and customer services are all very much a part of a commercial process. The most recent challenges may be within the realm of social media. With the customer’s voice so clearly audible, setting up two-way communications and measuring the results are of increasing importance.

Newboard Recruitment Services has many years of experience in finding the right commercial leadership in B2C and B2B.

These are a few examples of successful placements in the Marketing area (in alphabetical order)

  • Brand Director Alliances
  • Consumer Marketing Director
  • Global Head of Marketing Intelligence
  • Head of Brand Management
  • PR Manager
  • Product Market Manager Cellular Transmission
  • Senior Director Campaign Development
  • Senior Director Digital Marketing Enablement